MAEEZ - Patio y Cocina

A journey to discover the colors and flavors of Mexican cuisine!
At MAEEZ you can find the famous nachos, fajitas, tacos and burritos, but not only!
In fact, we also offer American cuisine, characterized by the classic Cheeseburgers and Baconburgers, up to the most creative and "at home", such as Jalapenoburger and Guacamoleburger!

The strong point of the place is obviously the warm South American atmosphere, to be enjoyed with friends or as a couple, drinking beer, sangria, and fabulous cocktails such as the legendary Margarita or a colorful Caipimaracuja!

Moreover, thanks to the convenient location, going to MAEEZ is a real temptation for those who leave the Virgin gym or for those who are going to or returning from a movie at The Space cinema! "